About Us

What’s the difference?

Wyeval was founded by Keith Mortimer, whose real-world experience has been gained in local, national and international programmes. We bring a critical perspective, an ability to self-start, and a belief in the value of connecting ideas and people. Above all we understand how to work from strength and diversity in building partnerships of quality.

Questioning barriers to progress and motivating achievement are doubly important at the start of a project. Where ambition translates into reality is where Wyeval scores highly.

Wyeval fulfils a need to augment clients’ resources, adding value and quality effectively. Our track record includes ground-up planning of campaigns and major  events; interim management;  proposals and bids; project leadership; scheme audits; and the ability that ‘makes a difference’ for successful outcomes.

It’s important that proposed schemes are affordable and sustainable. Successful delivery can have a direct impact on social and economic well-being.

Good teamwork helps to apply new technologies with greater confidence, managing risks and rewards to improve quality of life.

A moving experience?

Wyeval offers more than 25 years’ experience in the development and implementation of innovative solutions, focussed during the past decade upon Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).  

Our mission is to work with partners and clients, adding value and quality for successful development of ideas, plans and projects.

Transport has a major impact on the quality of life. Access to mobility is important for each of us, but we all have different needs. ITS technologies add value, providing information and services to travellers, helping to make efficient use of the road network, enabling safe and reliable movement of people and goods. Alongside the agenda to keep traffic moving, the integration of environmental and social benefits has high priority.


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